Compassionatecare ispersonal.

Compassionatecare ispersonal.

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare leads a movement to bring compassion to every healthcare experience.

One of the most powerful ways we advance compassion is by honoring caregivers who provide truly
compassionate care–care that is supportive, respectful and kind.

If you have a caregiver who smiles, listens, and knows you–as a person, and not just an illness–honor them today with a
gift to the Schwartz Center. Your gift will recognize their work, and will advance our mission of bringing
compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction.
Honor A Caregiver

Advocate for compassion
in healthcare

We all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of our broken healthcare system. Today’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals face unprecedented demands—too many patients and not enough time or resources to provide them with the care they deserve. This means our healthcare system often ignores the human connection that’s desperately needed in care, and leaves us—the patients—feeling unheard, confused, or discouraged.

Fixing our broken healthcare system might feel like an insurmountable problem, but there is a way to bring humanity back to healthcare: compassionate care. The movement for compassionate healthcare aims to end this problem by strengthening the connection between patients and their caregivers. Compassionate, patient-centered care brings empathy to healthcare which can create better health outcomes, reduce costs, and ensure more effective healthcare for all.

To strengthen the movement for compassionate care, we must work tirelessly to support and educate today’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in what it means to be a compassionate caregiver. As patients, we must play an active role in our care—speaking up about what compassion means to us, and receiving the kindness, respect, and open communication are as central to healthcare as a prescription.

Sign this pledge to demand that compassionate care becomes a priority in our healthcare system.